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Join Hannah, Bradee and 10 other women on a group hike that will take place on Saturday, June 19th at 8 AM! We will be hiking near Idaho Springs, Colorado - more details of exact location will be emailed to you upon signing up! The hike will be roughly 4 miles roundtrip and is a moderate intensity. The hike is FREE and we will meet at the trailhead. 


Meet Bradee, who you may know her as Ponytail on Trail! She is a hiking enthusiast, owner of Fit for Hiking is and always looking to meet new women to adventure with!

Coming from a background of zero hiking, one of her greatest joys is inspiring other women to get out of their comfort zones and get outdoors! She is a firm believer in being woman who empowers women through fitness, and educating women on how to get outdoors. 

Find her on IG at: @ponytail_onatrail




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We are full! Hopefully we will see you on the next one!




We will be following the Colorado State CDC guidelines for Covid protocols. Masks will not be required while hiking but we do encourage everyone to keep their distance and bring masks in case they are needed. Vaccinations are not required to attend. Please do not come if you are ill or experiencing any symptoms of Covid. 

We are not responsible or liable for any illness, injuries, or other incidents that may occur on or after the hike. While we will prepare you for the difficulty, you are still signing up and attending at your own risk. 

Hannah is the host of the podcast, Women & the Wilderness. She is a yoga teacher, traveler, conscious creator, a lover of adventure, photographer, and a woman in the wilderness.


Hannah didn't start traveling until 2016 - when she won an Instagram contest to travel across the world with a complete stranger. Through that experience, she not only discovered her love for travel but her love for making lifelong friendships with likeminded people that she otherwise would have never met, in a place she might never have visited. She travels to discover and share the most beautiful locations and off the beaten path places to inspire others to expand their horizons through the wilderness, near or far.

Find her on IG at: @Hannahrheaume

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