Fit for Hiking


30 days of workouts, recipes, + accountability towards your personal goals!

Looking to lean out, get in a routine, or get fit for summer but feeling beyond stuck on how to actually make it happen??

My goal is to cut through the BS of diet culture, confusing fitness myths, and all the other barriers standing in your way. This challenge will push you to develop healthy habits without cutting out food groups, restricting your calories to an insanely low number, or working out in an unsustainable way. 

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The FFH Spring Challenge Includes:

  • One month of daily workouts - focus on sculpting the body through strength workouts, HIIT, cardio, etc

  • Form explanation videos for each exercise

  • 30 NEW recipes with calculated calories + macros that scan into Myfitnesspal

  • Sample meal plans with shopping list

  • FB group support with weekly lives and required weekly checkins 

  • For all levels - simply adjust weight resistance used to make easier or more challenging

  • Portion size guidance + personalized help with calorie calculation

  • Email support from me, your coach!

  • One time payment of $70 (until 4/6)

Equipment needed: a variety of dumbbells!

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Feel your best heading in summer!

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April 18- may 18