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Story Time

When I first made the move from Indiana to Colorado I had never hiked. Literally ever. So I started with some of the classic short hikes near Denver, and started working my way up to some lengthier ones. All the while, I was on the freakin STRUGGLE BUS. Even as a Certified Personal Trainer and someone who had exercised my whole life, I was finding myself extremely frustrated with how limited I was when it came to hard inclines and long distances. Not to mention just not feeling my best in every sense despite exercising 5-6 days per week. I was consistently feeling lethargic and the opposite of "living my best life" both on + off the trails. When my frustration came to a pinnacle I was on my first backpacking trip. The whole time I was so miserably sucking wind in the back of the trekking group that I couldn't hardly enjoy what should have been literally the coolest experience of my life. 

Because I was so new to mountain activities I had kinda just assumed that's what it had to be like. GUESS WHAT: It doesn't have to be!

I made some major changes in how I was exercising + eating that got me into the best shape of my LIFE, helped me finally find my best energy + unleashed my potential physically both on + off the trails. And these protocols are exactly what the Fit for Hiking Guides are made of!

How Fit for Hiking Programs Came to Be




LET'S TALK DETAILS: What you need

  • What you need: Dumbbells of any size + your own bod. It is beneficial to have a range of weights but any will do. Work with what you have! 

  • Workout programming carefully constructed by a Certified Personal Trainer (me!) with seven years of experience programming workouts for clients, managing a fitness studio, and helping clients achieve their fitness/physique goals.

  • Three MONTHS of workout scheduling broken down simply for each week with built in progression. 

  • Demonstration and form explanation videos for every exercise so that you can feel confident in your form + safety!

  • A Facebook community for continued support, tips, hacks, extra workouts and accountability to keep going strong.

  • A thorough explanation of WHY the workouts are structured the way that they are, how to adjust nutrition based on your specific goals at this time, and tips on recovery. 

  • FOUR different program levels to choose from based on your goals, time you can commit to the workouts each week, and current fitness level so that your program fits YOU.

  • Tips for tangibly measuring progress based on your goals and how to maximize your workouts + stay motivated!

  • One click away support from yours truly! I don't want you to purchase this program and let it collect (digital) dust. I seriously care that you succeed. I am here to answer any questions you have, offer support and CHEER YOU ON!

  • Anyone looking to get in a good fitness routine, have clear direction, and get in amazing shape in all aspects (strength, muscular endurance, aerobic endurance, and anaerobic bursts).

  • It's just a bonus if you also have hiking goals! You don't have to be a hiker to get so much out of these programs and reap the benefits. 

LET'S TALK DETAILS: What you'll get

LET'S TALK DETAILS: Who the program is for


what people are saying

Former Clients

"I started personal training with Bradee a couple years after having my kids. Four years later, and I am so proud of what we've accomplished! I'm down 20 pounds and I've gained a lot of strength and muscle tone. I love how Bradee is always encouraging and she regularly checks in to make sure we're addressing my current fitness and nutrition goals. I also love that the workout programs Bradee designs are personalized, thoughtful and so varied- so I never feel bored. She's always thinking up new ways to kick my butt!" 

"I've been training with Bradee since 2018. SHe's amazing at listening to your goals and determining the correct types of focus areas and training plans. I knew every time I would train with her that I'd be challenged but come out feeling like I've conquered the world. Bradee coached me on correct form so I wasn't ever set back by injury, and helped me hit goals I never imagined possible for me. I'm a stronger, more capable version of myself, and a "booty by Bradee" is the gold standard in my book!

Current Fit for Hiking Clients

"I've been loving this so far! I've been in a workout rut and this has been super helpful.I love how it's something different almost every day; that helps me a lot. And as a big hiker it's just so practical!"

"Looooove! Obsessed! Grateful! The Fit for Hiking plan has given me a much needed boost to my workout routine. I feel that I have had much more motivation knowing that it is working towards the goal of doing what I love. Also, I love having a clear plan and they are all doable, easy to understand, and when I am a little confused the videos really help! Definitely would recommend!"



"I just wanted to share with you how much I'm loving the FFH Guide! I'm in the middle of week 3 (intermediate) and honestly this is the only thing I've stuck to in years. It's been a challenge but I've actually enjoyed it. The FFH Guide along with an overhaul in my diet, and I'm already down 7 lbs and look noticeably slimmer all over (much less cellulite on my thighs, slimmer face, slimmer waist)!!! I'm SO happy I made the choice to sign up for this with you. THANK YOU!

"About to start week 3 when I finally decided to roll out of bed and hiked a 4000 footer a couple weeks ago and I was crushing it compared to the other people I was with. Feeling very strong. Looking forward to more growth!" 

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