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Monthly Must-Haves

Hello Friends!! I decided to start doing weekly favorites every month to compile foods, bevs, products, and WHATEVER else that I am loving at the moment (when I have time lol maybe this just sounds like a good idea mid-quarantine). So here’s the first edition of my Monthly Must-Haves!! I hope you guys enjoy and get some good inspo/get to know me a little better :)

1. Safe + Fair Birthday Cake Granola

Let me tell you- I am a biggggg granola girl. I’ve tried so many different brands and this one takes the W! I just recently stumbled across this brand and was first drawn in by the fact that their granola doesn’t contain any common allergens. No dairy, no gluten, no nuts, no soy. And somehow it’s the best tasting granola I’ve ever flapped my flipper on (anyone else use this phrase??). They have other tasty flavors of granola, baking mixes, popcorn and more. *Right now if you are wanting to give it a try and avoid the stores (recommended), order online and use my discount code Bradee10 for 10% off your order*

2. A great corduroy jacket

There are a few staple pieces every gal needs in her closet and this is definitely one of them. Corduroy is great in all seasons and gives a fun, outdoorsy look to your outfit while still being a little girly. I love mine and wear it all the time, especially when roadtripping to the mountains. If you’re like me and don’t want to break the bank for a piece of clothing, shop Shein.com for ridiculously cheap finds. I got mine last season but they always have great jackets. Keep in mind it won’t be the best quality ever but it gets the job done! Disclaimer: I typically order larger than my normal when I shop Shein*

3. Kalahari Biltong

When I am in the mountains hiking or backpacking, one of the things I struggle with most is getting ample protein without pounding protein bars from gas stations (that typically are super carb heavy too). Then the other option has been beef jerkey- but that always feels sooo preservative-heavy and filled with sneaky sugars. So now that I’ve discovered biltong (a thinly sliced, air-dried beef), I feel so prepared for hiking season! Unlike jerky, only a few natural ingredients are used and there are no nitrites and flavor fillers used. Biltong contains zero sugar and lots of protein. If you haven’t tried it yet- you’re welcome!!!! Hiking and backpacking game changer!

4. A bomb quarantine playlist

Music is a huge deal to me. I play music constantly and it completely changes my mood and headspace. I live for new music discoveries and songs that move me in a real way. Right now, maybe more than ever, it’s important to be listening to some solid jams. If you haven’t curated your own quarantine playlist, do it! If you need some inspo- I am linking my “quarantine w/ me” playlist here for you!

5. Workout shorts you love

Truthfully I have not been a lover of workout shorts in a LONG while. I always feel like they ride up and don’t flatter my muscular, short legs. I’ve been a leggings-only exerciser for a while now but Fabletics have helped restore my hope in my ability to exercise in shorts again! They have shorts that are a great length (not the awkwardly long biker shorts but not booty shorts either) and leave plenty of room for my legs/booty. So maybe this spring/summer consider bringing exercise shorts back into your athletic-wear rotation! I have linked these neon ones here.

Alright well that’s all for this week! If you have suggestions for some things you’d like me to cover or some of your OWN favorites you’d like me to know about- please comment and let me know!! Happy Monday all you beautiful people!

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