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Monthly Must-Haves : Hiking + Camping

Time for another edition of my (current) favorite things!! Tis the season for hiking and camping finally so naturally the things I have been loving the most have to do with my two favorite hobbies! I know there is SO much information out there about hiking and camping essentials. While some of these aren't the MOST important items in the world, they are things I notice I really want when camping or on the trails. Sometimes you don't know what you need until you're stuck in a situation wishing you had it. So while these aren't all "essentials", I hope you find that they make your mountain days/weekends just a bit more comfortable/fun! Here are four things I am really loving at the moment and highly recommend for all you fellow hikers and campers :)

Animal print shorts!

Haha I know you're probably thinking "hmm odd suggestion but ok". And for all you male readers I apologize. But I think there's something to be said for hiking in fun, unique clothes that make a statement while still being practical! I love blending my outdoorsy side with my girly side and these shorts really help me do that! Plus I love the length and how comfortable they are. Hiking in shorts can definitely be a nice change in hotter temps. So whether it's specifically these shorts from Fabletics, or some other spicy hiking outfit - get a little out of your clothing-comfort zone this hiking season!

A pair of trusty hiking boots

This one really is crucial. If you're planning on getting your fair share of hiking in this summer, you need a pair of boots you can put a lot of miles on without getting the wear and tear on your feet. Trust me- there's nothing worse than finishing a backpacking trip with already blistered feet from the day before. I did a more extensive list of quality hiking boot brands on my Hiking For Beginners blog, but my all time favorite boots I've tried have been Hokas. I found my current pair originally at an REI garage sale and now I just keep re-ordering the same pair when they wear down (linked them HERE for you). They are high-cut for optimal ankle support so that I can easily forge through rough terrainwhile hiking. Anyways, there are a lot of things to consider when picking the right hiking boot for you. This article highlights the most important things if you're looking into it!

A go-to camping blanket

Ah, the picture perfect Insta-gramable blanket. You know- the one that looks so idyllic in every mountain sunset shot or back-of-the-subaru picnic? Having a quality blanket to take along on adventures isn't just asthetically pleasing for gram, but it also makes every mountain moment more comfortable. Bonfires, camping, sunrises, sunsets, or even just getting cozied up at home- having a go-to blanket is clutch. I recently went on the hunt for my own cozy camping blanket when I stumbled upon Beyond Borders Collective. Every blanket is hand crafted by indigenous Ecuadorian families to not only provide you with a warm, cozy blanket but also fair trade employment for those families. Such an amaizng business model and I am TRULY OBSESSED with my new blanket from them. Seriously go shop their new line and you will be so glad you did!

A stainless-steal wine glass

The real MVP of camping. If you're like me and loooove the vino, you need a stainless-steel wine glass in your life. They are the perfect sustainable glass for on-the-go outdoorsy adventures. Sometimes I literally bring boxed wine and my portable glass on hikes! You can just throw them in your pack and go. Obviously these are great for other beverages other than wine too. You can find some classic ones HERE for super cheap :)

A good pair of slippers

Especially during camping season, having a pair of warm, easy-to-slip-on shoes is a game changer. I always used to either have to wear slip on sandals with socks or bring full on boots to wear around the campsite. Neither were great options. So having a warm, fuzzy pair of slippers with a hard bottom is the way to go. THIS brand has a lot of great options for soft, cute but also practical slippers to wear outside. They are like a crossbreed between a slipper and a shoe so you don't have to worry about them getting ruined while doing activities like camping. 10/10 recommend investing in a pair for ultimate camp-fire comfort!

A Patagonia Better Sweater

This is the perfect layer for those chilly camping nights in the mountains or neighborhood bonfires. Even in the summer, you need a layer like this for evenings and crisp mornings in the mountains. Trust me- no matter how hot it may be during the day, as soon as that sun goes down it's a different scenario entirely. I've had a Patagonia Better Sweater for five years and I STILL pack it every year for mountain trips. These things seriously last. And this weekend, Backcountry (which carries all the outdoorsy brands you could possibly want) is having a 50% off Memorial Day Sale! You can grab your own Better Sweater (or really anything else you've been needing for summer) HERE!

Alright well that's all I got for ya this time! If there's a specific edition of "Monday Must-Haves" you would find helpful or interesting, don't hesitate to leave me a comment or note :)

Happy Memorial Day!!

XOXO Bradee

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