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My Go-To
Hiking Gear

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Looking for the ultimate guide to hiking apparel & gear? I hope these recommendations help get you inspired and prepared for getting some hikes in!

drifted pants -sized.jpg

A great option for true hiking pants that are water resistant, won't rip on scrambles, and look cute AF when dressed up too!

Your every-day hiking pack! Been using mine for 8 years now.


My favorite standard hiking boot

vuori ls base -sized.jpg

Vuori Long Sleeve Baselayer

I wear this a crazy amount! Perfect for throwing on over a tank/bra when it's a bit chilier in the mountains.

osprey poco plus -sized.jpg

Backpacking pack meets baby carrier. Plenty of storage room, comfortable for babies/toddlers, and has a built in sun-shade/rain cover (my favorite feature)!


A great light-weight hiking shoe or trail runner shoe.


An insanely affordable rain jacket that's still great quality and comes in cute colors!

osprey poco -sized.jpg

Same baby carrier as above, but just for day hikes. So if you don't plan to backpack with baby, get this one instead. It's quite a bit lighter since it has less storage!


Your new go-to pair of hiking socks!

pink vuori pants.jpg

Pink Vuori Pants

Some of my favorite hiking leggings - leggings have pockets

lillie baby carrier-sized.jpg

Baby carrier for when your babe is still little and needs to be in the front. We still use this for walks/short hikes.

grey vuori -sized.jpg

Grey Vuori Set

Extremely comfortable and flattering orange matching leggings/bra set - leggings have pockets

vuori fleece -sized.jpg

Vuori Fleece Jacket

Comfort meets cute meets warmth. This is a great mid-layer when in the mountains!


The perfect hat to keep your baby's skin out of the sun on hikes/walks

vuori orange -sized.jpg

Orange Vuori Set

Extremely comfortable and flattering orange matching leggings/bra set

blue vuori -sized.jpg

Blue Vuori set

Extremely comfortable and flattering  matching leggings/bra set

purple vuori -sized.jpg

Purple Vuori set

Smooth like butter and cute AF lavender leggings/crop top set

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