Hi, I'm Bradee!

You can find me in Denver during the week and seeking mountain adventures on the weekend! Born and raised in the Midwest, my mission is to inspire people everywhere that no matter what their experience/background, they too can find empowerment from hiking and getting outdoors. I really believe in the healing power of the mountains – to provide a space of disconnection from all the limits we put on ourselves in everyday life while providing a little bit of “soul fire” to truly thrive and break the boundaries of self-doubt. My passion is authentically sharing the trails I travel, and lessons learned along the way to encourage others to blaze some trails too!  

I don’t come from an “outdoorsy” background -- this passion has grown in  me over the past 4 years and continues to grow everyday. This sets my material apart from others, because I can truly provide information and tips from a perspective of someone who is REAL and still learning along the way. My goal isn’t to tell you how to be an expert, but rather inspire you to feel empowered and revitalized by getting outdoors and pursuing new adventures.




No one has it all figured out. Authenticity is coming alongside each other and being real about what we all experience: fears, insecurities, confusion about our life paths, hardships, and the not-so-pretty everyday things.


Everyone can explore, find a new passion and learn a new skill. It doesn’t matter how inadequate you feel, empowerment comes from being uncomfortable and pushing personal boundaries.


We are all works in progress and in the process of becoming. Every day growth comes from being introspective, pursuing passions realizing our full potential, then taking the steps to walk in your calling.