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Your hiking fitness, Holisic Health Coach bestie. Helping women get leaner + stronger for the trails w/ my Mountain Metabolic Method

A female hiking with a volcano behind her
A female on a hike with an alpine lake in the background

Hi! My name is Bradee!

I am a CPT + Holistic Health Coach who fell in love with hiking and now is devoted to helping women everywhere get fit for the trails + tap into a thriving metabolism! I spent YEARS doing fitness the wrong way - over-exercising to burn calories, bouncing from diet to diet, and ultimately ended up still feeling like crap on the trails, 25 lbs heavier and with a sluggish metabolism. This is why I'm so passionate about sharing the Mountain Metabolic Method that helped me finally THRIVE, get lean, restore my metabolism, and crush it on my adventures. 


Here you'll find countless free hiking guides, wellness resources, travel itineraries for your next adventure (especially in Colorado hikinsince that's where I call home!) and information on how to work with my team of experts with my Mountain Metabolic coaching. 

Happy Trails!

Are you an outdoorsy female looking to get leaner + stronger for your adventures? Apply for my Mountain Metabolic Coaching method today to start seeing results without cutting food groups or damaging your metabolism!

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