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Are you an outdoorsy female looking to get leaner + stronger for your adventures? Apply for my Mountain Metabolic Coaching method today to start seeing results without cutting food groups or damaging your metabolism!

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Hi! My name is Bradee!

I am a CPT who fell in love with hiking and now is devoted to helping women everywhere get fit for the trails! Born and raised in the Midwest, my mission is to inspire people everywhere that no matter what their experience/background, they too can find empowerment from hiking and getting outdoors. I really believe in the healing power of the mountains – to provide a space of disconnection from all the limits we put on ourselves in everyday life while providing a little bit of “soul fire” to truly thrive and break the boundaries of self-doubt. Here you'll find my Fit for Hiking membership, the opportunity to work with me 1-on-1 to crush your goals, and all kinds of free resources on my blog. Thanks for being here! 

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