Fit for hiking guides

what if you could summit mountains confidently without feeling out of shape + unprepared?

Using my fit for hiking guides, you can experience the mountains without limitations. You’ll learn how to get in shape for hiking in 90 days!


enroll today and receive a complimentary healthy eating menu with 30 recipes! 

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You're tired of your fitness holding you back from experiencing breath-taking hikes?

​      You can't seem to enjoy hiking the way you'd like because you're constantly huffing + puffing?

​ Knowing where to start with actually exercising for YOUR fitness/hiking goals leaves you feeling overwhelmed + confused?



What if I told you that it didn't have to be that way?!

That there is a program that will not only help you feel your leanest + most energetic, but is also designed specifically to

help you get into the best hiking shape of your life!

That’s exactly why I created the Fit for Hiking Guides! To show you how to conquer your dream hikes in just 90-days with my program!

about the programs

  • You need: Dumbbells of any size (except for the Travel Workout Guide) + your own bod. It is beneficial to have a range of weights but any will do. Work with what you have! 

  • Weekly workout programming carefully constructed by a Certified Personal Trainer (me!) with seven years of experience programming workouts for clients, managing a fitness studio, and helping clients achieve their fitness/physique goals.

  • Three MONTHS of workout scheduling broken down simply for each week with built in progression. The Travel Workout Guide is the only exception as it contains 30 workouts. 

  • Demonstration and form explanation videos for every exercise so that you can feel confident in your form + safety!

  • A Facebook community for continued support, tips, hacks, extra workouts and accountability to keep going strong.

  • A thorough explanation of WHY the workouts are structured the way that they are, how to adjust nutrition based on your specific goals at this time, and tips on recovery. 

  • FOUR different program levels to choose from OR the Travel Workout Guide based on your goals, time you can commit to the workouts each week, and current fitness level so that your program fits YOU.

  • Tips for tangibly measuring progress based on your goals and how to maximize your workouts + stay motivated!

  • One click away support from yours truly! I don't want you to purchase this program and let it collect (digital) dust. I seriously care that you succeed. I am here to answer any questions you have, offer support and CHEER YOU ON!



My name is Bradee! I'm a midwest girl who moved to Colorado as a twenty-something and has been mountain-obsessed ever since! Fitness has ALWAYS been a love of mine, but I struggled with keeping a healthy relationship with fitness, food and my body until I shifted my focus from being "thin" to what my body could accomplish on the trails! Falling in love with hiking opened my eyes to a healthier perspective on fitness: training to pursue outdoor adventures and feel UNSTOPPABLE. Now I am sharing with YOU the method of training that got me into the best all around shape of my life and prepared me for the trails like nothing had before!








So trust me, I've been there:

Feeling lethargic and slow on the trails despite working out a lot

Nervous to say "yes" to certain hikes or backpacking trips for fear of lagging behind

Struggling with finding a fitness program that factors in your outdoor goals and is well-rounded in every way

Imagine if you could approach each hike with confidence and feel AMAZING?! 

This is all possible when you enroll in a fit for hiking program!

enroll today and receive a complimentary healthy eating menu with 30 recipes! 

WHO are the programs ideal for?

The programs are for: anyone looking to get in a good fitness routine, have clear direction, and get in amazing shape in all aspects (strength, muscular endurance, aerobic endurance, and anaerobic bursts).


It's just a bonus if you also have hiking goals! You don't have to be a hiker to get so much out of these programs and reap the benefits.

There is also more detailed information in the Intro Packet you'll receive access to that breaks down how to optimize your time completing the workouts based on your SPECIFIC goal (fat loss, muscle gain, or performance). 


Immediately upon purchase, you will receive an email that highlights your next steps: how you access the guide and join the facebook group! You’ll see a link to the Members Area tab of the website where you will click your specific program. From there, you’ll see a breakdown of all the different training blocks based by the week of the program you’re on. You can either pop onto the website each time to access the workouts, or you can download as PDFs. 

how do I know this will work for me?

The reality? If you put in the work, it will work. Consistency is KEY which is why all of the signature Fit for Hiking Guides are 90 days in duration. Results take time and patience. Follow the program as closely as possible, eat quality foods in quantities that align with your goals, and you will see progress. I personally dropped 15 lbs and got in the best all around shape of my life! You can read below about other program participants progress!

program results



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