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Outdoor Essentials for Baby

If you have a baby (or are thinking about it) but don't want to give up your outdoor activities, you are in the right place! When I got pregnant with my now 5 month old, Juniper, I was honestly really scared that I would have to say no to my own outdoor hobbies. But let me tell you: this is absolutely not the case. I started hiking with her when she was 3 weeks old, and since then we've logged too many miles to count, have spent about a month traveling in our camper van with her, and we've learned a lot along the way. No, it won't be as smooth as it used to be. You may have to adjust your expectations for what your adventures will look like in that first year, but you CAN still get out there! As I've shared all of our adventures I've gotten numerous messages from other hiker mamas asking what essentials I recommend for getting outdoors with baby. So in this post I will be sharing things we have used over the summer, items I've already purchased in anticipation for winter (literally living on top of a mountain), and items I have on my wish list for next spring/summer. I hope this helps - adventure on, mamas!

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Outdoor/Adventure Essentials for Baby:

  1. Foldable Travel Bassinet - If your baby is still able to sleep in a bassinet, this is ideal for camping or car/van travel. We have used ours in our van for Juniper to sleep in while on the road and it's worked great!

2. Baby Hiking Carrier- We used this carrier for Juniper starting at 3 weeks old and it's still what we use on hikes at 5 months old. Soon she will be able to graduate to a back carrier, but you need to use a front carrier until their neck is stable enough to hold up without assistance. This carrier can be used for 7lbs+.

3. Child Carrier Backpack- Once your baby reaches 16 lbs, they can officially graduate to a backpack carrier! This tends to be more convenient because you no longer have the load on your front (which can be more uncomfortable), and it doubles as a backpack for carrying your other belongings. This is the carrier we plan to use for Juniper once she reaches 16 lbs (she's so close!).

4. Baby Sun Hat- This purchase has been one of our most used items this past summer! Babies really cannot be in direct sunlight until they are 6 months+ due to the fragility and thinness of their skin as young infants. So if you plan to spend time outdoors with your baby, a sun hat is a MUST!

5. Baby Sun Screen- Once your baby reaches 6 months+, wearing sunscreen becomes a safe option. This is the sunscreen we will have on hand for next spring/summer when we are outdoors with Juniper.

6. Lightweight, Breathable Onesie- Since babies cannot safely be in the sun or wear sunscreen until 6 months+, we dressed Junie in onesies like this during all of our summer hikes. Her skin needed to be completely covered, but we wanted something breathable so she wouldn't get too hot.

7. Foldable Changing Pad- Trust me when I say, you want to bring this along on your hikes! If your little one has an accident, be sure to have a foldable changing pad in your pack for easy diaper changes.

8. Portable Sound Machine- Bringing one of these along during travel can be a total game changer if your baby is accustomed to falling asleep to white noise. They're also amazing for car naps!